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Facing the Climate

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Facing the Climate

In 2010, to help illustrate Sweden’s deep commitment to our environment and the climate, SI launched the exhibition “Facing the Climate”, in cooperation with Swedish embassies and local partners.

Since then, the exhibition has been seen by more than 280,000 visitors across the world. In it, five Swedish cartoonists and a range of international colleagues provide their interpretations of the climate crisis, with the aid of humour and satire. The five Swedish pens used to comment on the global climate dilemma belong to Love Antell, Magnus Bard, Riber Hansson, Helena Lindholm and Karin Sunvisson.

This beautiful book has gathered the rich array of images that the exhibition has generated. “Facing the Climate” has shown the advantage of using culture – and humour – as a means of approaching difficult and contentious issues.

Introduction text by Andreas Berg.