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Retoy Toy Swap (coming soon)

Retoy Toy Swap (coming soon)

With the Retoy-kit, you can create toy swap activities where children get to experience sustainable consumption in a fun way. By swapping, creating and giving toys, children are introduced to their rights according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Using the power of play, children gain awareness about how everything and everyone in the world are interconnected.

Retoy’s activities have been created and developed together with children in Sweden. Since 2011 more than half a million children have played with Retoy through toy swap activities, exhibitions, and non-toxic play areas. The activities in the Retoy toolkit can be arranged by anyone, but is ideal for preschools to work with sustainability and children’s rights.

This toolkit will be available in March 2017. For more information contact Magdalena Ellfors.