Film screenings

The chord that new Swedish film strikes seems to reverberate with critics and fans in all parts of the world. Filmmakers today have much to thank director Ingmar Bergman for. Not only has he helped inspire Swedish filmmakers – he has also helped create a lasting buzz and interest around Swedish film in general.

The Swedish Institute (SI) is pleased to offer a selection of Swedish films – feature length, documentary and short – for non-profit cultural screenings. For Swedish embassies and consulates we have together with the Swedish Film Institute (SFI) put together three complete sets of Blu-ray boxes that can be used at film festivals and other film-related events.

Instructions and manuals

The Swedish representations are encouraged to initiate specific, tailor-made film events in their region. SI supports the representations and is open to discuss ideas, possibilities and requirements. For a successful film event, please carefully read and follow these instructions:

How to create an event based on the Blu-ray box

Technical information

Frequently asked questions

Building blocks

The film packages are made available for Swedish embassies and consulates only. Anyone can access information about them here, but to order or view the films you will need a password. If you are not a foreign mission and wish to show a Swedish film outside of Sweden, please contact your local Swedish foreign mission. If you represent a Swedish foreign mission but do not have a current password, please contact films(a)

Film packages for Swedish embassies and consulates

SI and the Swedish Film Institute (SFI) have produced Blu-ray boxes each containing 10 discs of recent Swedish feature films, short films and documentaries for Swedish representations to screen at film festivals and other local, non-commercial film events. The films contain foreign subtitles in 8-10 languages. SI can also provide press photos, film trailers, posters and press material in digital format.

Blu-ray box 1 (information and links to material)

Blu-ray box 2 (information and links to material)

Blu-ray box 3 (information and links to material)

All inquiries from established international film festivals regarding movies other than the ones in the Blu-ray box should be referred to the international department of the Swedish Film Institute.

Contact person at the Swedish Institute

For more information please send an email to films(a) or Lars Hedenstedt.