Can we get the toolkit material in a local language?

The embassy is free to have toolkit texts translated into local languages. SI can also provide financial support to cover translation costs.

Can the Swedish Institute assist with a list of guest speakers?

We do not have lists of guest speakers. However, you can get information about speakers that others had invited to previous events. Please email the contact person for the specific toolkit.

Can we use parts of a specific toolkit exhibition?

Some materials can be used more freely while other materials are to be used only as part of a toolkit. Please email the contact person for the specific toolkit material.

Can we add our own material to a specific toolkit?

Sometimes partner organizations have material that is more country-specific. Please email the contact person for the specific toolkit material.

How will the financial support for toolkits be transferred?

The Swedish Institute will transfer funds through UD-EKO after receiving a signed agreement from the Swedish foreign mission.

How can we send the project report about our events and usage of the toolkit material?

Please use the online report form available under the headline How to report and remember to include media coverage. Please note: if you have received financial support from us earlier, we only can grant it again if you had submitted a report for the previous project.

We are not an embassy or a consulate. Can we use toolkit materials?

In some cases you are free to use the material –  but only for non-commercial purposes. We only transfer financial support to embassies or consulates.

We have an idea for a toolkit material. Who can we contact?

Kindly contact and we’ll respond as soon as we can.