The Pioneer the Possible exhibition was inaugurated during the Team Sweden business summit “French-Swedish Business Day” on decarbonization of the economy in Paris on December 6 2021. The ambitious summit gathered French and Swedish business leaders, startups and decision makers in panel discussions on topics like “The economic value chain and circular economy”, “Mobility of the Future” and “Digitalisation and 5G as a platform for the green transition”. The exhibition was inaugurated by HRH The Crown Princess Victoria, State Secretary to Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs Krister Nilsson, director general of the Swedish Institute Madeleine Sjöstedt and CEO of Business Sweden Jan Larsson. Instead of cutting a ribbon HRH The Crown Princess Victoria opened the exhibition by tying together a Swedish colored and a French colored ribbon as a symbol of the strong friendship between the two countries.   Photo: Embassy of Sweden Paris

The embassy of Sweden in Zagreb have worked with the Images that change the world exhibition outdoors with rented stands at the Cvjetni trg square in Zagreb. We asked Mirna about the feedback on the exhibition since the content might be a bit provocative. Mirna Juric at the embassy: “We have some negative comments on social networks, but generally the response from people is positive. We have a lot of  media articles, several radio announcements and one TV media clip. Fortunately the media communication was positive and proactive. It feels like a good result. It’s wonderful if we can start discussions and get reactions on inclusion. The exhibition will travel on to Split in Croatia during 2021. Credits: The Embassy of Sweden in Zagreb. Credits: The Embassy of Sweden in Zagreb. Credits: The Embassy of Sweden in Zagreb. Credits: The Embassy of Sweden in Zagreb.

Focusing on human rights, a total of 1,000 high-school students have already been working with the unique cube project toolkit. Based on the Swedish national cube project, and developed in close co-operation with Raoul Wallenberg Academy, the toolkit was first introduced in 2016 and has been realized in a number of countries since.  Here are some of their stories. The Cube Project in Budapest The Cube Project in New York The Cube Project in Paris (in French) The Cube Project in Madrid (in Spanish) The Cube Project in Serbia The local partners in Serbia were the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade together with the organisation C31 in the cities of Belgrade and Kragujevac. The chosen articles were Article 19: The right to freedom of expression and Article 14: The right to asylum. The Cube Project in Hungary The local partners in Hungary were the Embassy of Sweden in Budapest together with the Kölcsey Ferenc high school and the József Attila high school. The chosen articles were Article 14: The right to asylum and Article 2: The right to freedom from discrimination. The Cube Project in the Czech Republic The local partners in the Czech Republic were the Embassy of Sweden in Prague together with the Lesní ctvrt high school in Zlín. The chosen articles were Articles 3: The right to freedom from discrimination, Article 7: The right to equality before the law, Article 8: The right to remedy by a competent Tribunal, Article19: The right to freedom of expression, Article 28: The right to a social order and Article 29: The right to community duties.