How does SI decide which languages to provide subtitles in?

SI tries to provide subtitles in world languages. We also focus on regions that are important in SI’s work.

How much does it cost to translate a film? 

Translators’ fees vary depending on the country, but are usually between 3-7000 SEK per film. At the moment, SI pays translators in Sweden 70-90 SEK per minute + VAT. The higher price range is used in cases when editing of time codes and files is necessary. In other words, the translation of a 100-minute film will cost around 7000 SEK or more.

How does it work? 

  1. The embassy or consulate hires a local translator that has experience of working with films.
  2. The embassy or consulate lets SI know (on the 27th of May at the latest) that it will provide additional subtitles.
  3. The translator downloads dialogue lists in Swedish and English, as well as a low-resolution video file with time code. The SI’s contractor provides these.
  4. When the translation is ready, you can email the subtitle files to SI’s contractor.
  5. When the embassy or consulate receives the film, either as a Blu-ray or DCP, the subtitles are available as an additional option.

What qualifications does the translator need?

It is important that the translator is certified and can use professional software for film translation. It is an advantage if the translator can translate from Swedish, but otherwise the English dialogue list is used.

Why can’t I open a subtitle file on my computer?

Subtitle files are in such a format that you can only open them in a special programme that can synchronise film time codes. Some subtitle files can be opened on Word or Excel. However, this is a read-only version.