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Alfie Atkins and International Literacy Day

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Alfie Atkins and International Literacy Day

On the occasion of the International Literacy Day we introduce Alfie Aktins (Alfons Åberg), one of Sweden’s most beloved childen’s characters.

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This year, Alfons Åberg , one of Sweden’s most beloved childen’s characters, turns 50 – sort of.

But we say this little Swede remains young as ever in spirit, and a source of learning and inspiration to many children! ❤️

Back in 1972, author and illustrator Gunilla Bergström’s first book about the everyday adventures and worries of Alfons was published. Few then would have guessed that Bergström, who passed away last year, would write another 25 books about him, or that cartoon series and film adaptations would also follow. 📚

The stories about the young boy Alfons are very much about the real lives of children. First-day nerves at school? Check. Feelings of guilt after hurting somebody? Oh yes. Boredom after Christmas? Certainly. Getting a second opinion from your imaginary friend? Yep, there’s plenty of room for those too. The list of mental states explored through Alfons’ experiences is long.

Alfons seemingly lives alone with his father as no details are given about the mother. In the books, he is kind, dreamy, stubborn, sometimes a bit lazy. He’s even been mean on occasion. A bit like people in real life, you could say.