Great design drives change

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Great design drives change

Compostable fashion and furniture made from recycled waste material are two of many ways we’re moving towards a more sustainable everyday. Swedish Design Movement brings together designers, architects and fashion designers who are dedicated to achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Audio Description:
Slideshow with examples of innovative Swedish design using recycled materials. The theme is “Great design drives change”, and the video shows compostable fashion and furniture made from waste materials. The video ends with a waving flag with the text Swedish Design Movement. Then the Swedish flag and Sweden Sverige in letters. Photo credits: Tarkett, Stremateria, Swedese. Producer: Futurniture. Copyright: Swedish Institute, 2021.

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Photo: Tarkett, Streamateria, Swedese
Producer: Futurniture
Copyright: Swedish Institute, 2021