The stories behind Swedish innovations

Introducing Saplo
Introducing I-tech
Introducing Penny
Introducing Neodynamics
The stories behind Swedish innovations

Telling a story is an effective way of putting across values, visions and messages. This is what prompted the Swedish Institute to develop “The stories behind Swedish innovations – from idea to market” and the four films involved. In these films, the Swedish innovators talk about their innovations: Mattias Tyrberg, “Saplo”, Erik Lundström, “Penny”, Lena Lindblad, “I-Tech”, and Hans Wiksell, “Neodynamics”. The films deal with questions such as “How did you come up with the idea?”, “What have been the most rewarding and the hardest parts along the way?” and “Is an innovation ever finished?”.

Suggestions on how to use the films:

  • When organising a seminar/conference/workshop on innovations you can show one or all of the four movies (about 3 minutes each) to kick-start a panel discussion or a seminar opening.
  • Download the films and post them on the Swedish Embassy website when putting on an event with innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Use the films as marketing and as part of a press release, and send them to traditional and social media as a “teaser” to attract attention and arouse interest in the planned event.
  • Create similar films in which local innovators tell their stories, as a complement to the four Swedish films.