The band Trapptoner sitting in the stairs playing music

Music: Trapptoner – tough love

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Music: Trapptoner – tough love

Enjoy some beautiful music from @Trapptoner and their cover of the mega hit ‘Tough Love’ by Swedish DJ and music producer Avicii featuring Agnes and Vargas & Lagola.

Trapptoner are not just musicians, but all work at a cardiology unit at a hospital in the Swedish city of Jönköping. 

In the past years, hospital and healthcare workers have struggled more than ever. In the middle of all the work, Trapptoner have kept sending love and hope on social media with their heartfelt and touching music. ❤️

Trapptoner are: nurse Matilda Bräck and her doctor colleagues Jan Thollander and Sven Lagerberg.

Song: ‘Tough love’ by Swedish DJ Avicii, Tim Bergling, featuring Swedish singer Agnes and Vargas & Lagola.