Swedishness podcast

Swedishness podcast

Swedishness podcast

In this podcast series you can learn everything you always wanted to know about Sweden but were afraid to ask, told by one Swede and one Irelander, and a handful of guests. Starring Kattis Ahlström and Philip O’Connor. Brought to you by the Swedish Institute.


#1 Swedish parental leave – as gender egalitarian as it gets? (no longer available)

#2 Will Sweden be first to be run by robots?

#3 Swedes – the happiest or loneliest people in the world? (no longer available)

#4 The world’s oldest free press. So what?

#5 Do Swedes actually do any work?

#6 Is the Swedish start-up scene as hot as they say?

#7 Midsummer and the Swedish sin