Voices Without Borders – En stund på jorden

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Voices Without Borders – En stund på jorden

This is Gränslösa Röster – ‘Voices without Borders’. Founded in 2016, it’s a choir where everyone is welcome, regardless of background or nationality, age or experience, profession or education. The choir consists of asylum seekers, newly arrived and established Swedes, all united by the power of music.

This song, ‘En stund på jorden’ (‘A Moment on Earth’), is written by singer and producer Laleh Pourkarim, one of Scandinavia’s biggest artists. Her music communicates a feeling of true freedom, in both Swedish and English. Her story started when she was a refugee moving from country to country, seeking freedom and power over her own life, and her journey and quest to make the world a better place continues.

Song: ‘En stund på jorden’
Composer: Laleh Pourkarim
Choir arrangement: Helene Rydberg Larsson
Conductor/piano: Cecilia Öhrwall