Why we celebrate – 500 years (English subtitles)

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Why we celebrate – 500 years (English subtitles)

What’s in a number? Why plenty, if you ask us!

2023 truly is a jubilee year for Sweden, with 500 years worth of celebration.

It’s a year with more than one Swedish milestone, but at the heart of it all is Sweden’s independence.

On 6 June 1523, in the town of Strängnäs, Gustav Vasa was elected King of Sweden. With Gustav Vasa elected, Sweden left the so-called Kalmar Union with Denmark and Norway, and once again became independent. 6 June = Sweden National Day.

2023 also marks 50 years on the Swedish throne for King Carl XVI Gustaf, our current monarch.

During the next few months, we’ll be bringing extra attention to the jubilee year that is 2023. So stay tuned!