On 16 May 2017 the three part exhibition Stories of Migration – then and now was inaugurated at the Occupation Museum in Tallinn, Estonia. The exhibition was a cooperation between the Embassy of Sweden in Tallinn, the Swedish Institute, International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Museum of Occupations and featured three different exhibitions on the theme of migration:

  1. Photo exhibition Portraits of Migration by Alexander Mahmoud for the Swedish Institute.
  2.  Photo and text exhibition I am a migrant by IOM telling the stories of refugees coming to Estonia.
  3. Photo- and documentary film exhibition In the Trails Of the Boat Refugees by the Baltic Art Center showing historical photos of Baltic refugees  on the island of Gotland in the 1940s by the Swedish photographer David Holmert. The connecting documentary portraits twelve youths from the Baltic Sea region reliving the faith of some of these refugees.

The exhibition attracted a lot of media attention, and during the inauguration a panel discussion on migration were held with Swedish ambassador Anders Ljunggren and photographer Alexander Mahmoud among the participants.

The possibility to cooperate with other exhibitions and project on the same theme was a good way to attract partners and audience to the event.

Photos by Mona Loose/SI