We all wear cltohes but the fashion and textile industries are among the most polluting ones in the world. The Swedish fashion industry is in
a development phase in which a transition to more sustainable and circular business models is as natural as it is necessary. It’s an exciting time, when research, innovation and cross-disciplinary collaborations can inspire the industry globally.


This is a social media campaign which contains six short films for social media (see Building blocks below). The “activate your closet” films highlight different ways to prolong the life of garments and contribute to the behavioural change needed to meet the great climate challenge we face. The films can be used as inspiration on social media to attract attention to the Fashion Revolution toolkit, as a social media campaign on its own, or combined with (online-) workshops, for example styling, re-dyeing, remake or mending.

Please make sure that you only use the campaign texts provided by the Swedish Institute.

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Building blocks

Text material:

Fact sheet

Social media material:

Take care
Fashion manifesto
Mending – Sashiko

There are three video clips. Each is around 1.5 minutes. They are produced for social media exposure, but are available in two formats: 1:1 for cell phones 16:9 for big screens.
Video: Fashion revolution – the future of textiles
Video: Fast fashion – can paper replace textiles?
Video: Can jeans be more sustainable?

In addition, The Fashion library – Stories from Sweden video is available. Please contact the SI Alumni Team to receive the file.

How to apply

As there is no financial support included in this toolkit, you simply email to alumni@si.se to sign up.

How to report

As there is no financial support included in this toolkit, you do not have to report your campaign via the reporting link. But please send a little reflection about the activity to alumni@si.se.


For more information, contact alumni@si.se.