The Swedish organisation Make Equal ( runs a project called #guytalk which is based on the idea that the dialogue about gender equality also needs to be owned by men and boys, not only by women.

Make Equal has created a toolkit for men to host a dinner and talk about relevant issues with other men. Certified alumni networks can apply for financial support to organise a dinner based on the Make Equal toolkit #guytalk.

You can apply for 5000 SEK to organise this activity. 

About Make Equal

The Make Equal foundation was founded in 2010, and their vision is to create an equal society for all, but that it is necessary that everyone participates in the change. They are a solution-focused voice in the public debate, and through their different campaigns, their messages have reached over 100 million people worldwide. They shift the focus from problems to solutions, and by spreading knowledge, tools and methods, encourage everyone to work practically towards equality.

About Guy Talk

#Guytalk is a method for starting conversations about what it’s like to be a man, based on different themes. The initiative was started by Make Equal as a reaction to a wave of sexual assaults at Swedish music festivals during the summer of 2016. The ambition with #Guytalk is to give guys and men the chance to start with themselves when working towards an equal society for all.

Instructions and manuals

General information about the toolkit, invitation to use and conversational guides


Reporting instructions

Building blocks

Conversation themes

Conversational guides (also available at