The situation for LGBTQI+ people has improved in many regions and countries globally in the last 50 years. Discrimination based on sexual orientation is now prohibited in many countries. Laws against hate crime have become more common, as have same-sex partnership and marriage laws. At the same time, there are many countries where the situation for LGBTQI+ people is very worrisome. People are faced with discrimination and violence all over the world, and progress that has been made around these issues is now threatened in several places. 

Our purpose with this toolkit, produced in cooperation with RFSL, is to give you the opportunity to show support for equal rights in your local context. 


The toolkit consists of two parts. Each part can be used separately or together in connection.  

  1. A Pride parade kit. This includes everything you need in order to participate in a Pride parade. Banners, t-shirts, giveaways and a beginner’s guide to Pride. Contact the Swedish Embassy to see if you can co-arrange something together.If you think you can’t Join the Parade due to Covid-19, think again. Many Pride events worldwide are organising a digital version.
  2. Topic suggestions and guidelines to organise seminars or workshops concerning LGBTQI+ issues.This focuses on topics, challenges and opportunities relevant to the local context and is intended as an inspiration for how activities can be arranged. If you would like a Swedish panellist or guest speaker to participate in your event, please contact for contact details. 

Related toolkit 

Financial support  

SI funding can be used to print material for joining the parade, purchasing pride flags, for costs around organising a seminar/event such as communications, venue, food/fika or speaker renumeration.  Swedish Embassies can also apply for support, consider co-arranging activities if possible.  

Instructions and manuals  

Topic suggestions and guidelines 

Application form  

Event  Reporting  

Building Blocks

Products in the Pride parade kit



Stickers (Examples with stickers on water bottles, here and here) 

The files for printing can be downloaded from a link provided by SI via email. 

Topic suggestions and guidelines for an LGBTQI+ event

Topic suggestions and guidelines 

The Swedish Institute offers assistance with finding relevant guest speakers. Email for contact details.  

Social media material 

GIFs – Swedense (at 

Images for Facebook events (download images from Media Flow) 

How to apply 

Contact before you apply to get contact details to a Swedish expert speaker.  

Submit the Application Form to apply for this event.  

How to report 

Here you find the Reporting Instructions. 


For more information, contact  

Security and risks 

When organising events and seminars on LGBTQI+ topics, it is vital to consider issues of safety and security. This can mean different things in practice, depending on the context in which the event is to take place. You should analyse potential risks, and prepare safety measures for embassy staff, external lecturers, local organisations and activists who might partake in panels or be in the audience. It is advisable that organisers of this kind of event have an insight into the overall (risk) situation for LGBTQI+ people in the country where an event is to take place, as well as take safety precautions.