An easy way to gather alumni around an important theme is to organise a movie screening. It offers a casual occasion where you watch the movie together and then discuss it afterwards over a fika.

All embassies have access to the “Swedish Film Box” – a selection of Swedish films that the Swedish Institute has bought licence to and that you may have the opportunity to borrow for a film screening, if they are not already borrowed by someone else. You can borrow any of the movies if you follow the steps below, but this specific toolkit is focused on the film Nice People – a film about immigration and integration. Note that it is up to the embassy, not SI, to decide if the films can be lent out.


Nice People – a real story about engagement and integration

The film “Nice People” is about a group of Somali boys, living in a city in the middle of Sweden. Together with a local enthusiast, they form a bandy team and aim to represent Somalia in the Bandy World Championship for the first time in history. It’s is a semi-documentary film, based on a true happening. This critically acclaimed film suits everyone, regardless of background, field of expertise or age.

After the film screening, we suggest that you open up for a workshop about integration. In this toolkit you find instructions on how to borrow the movie according to the regulations as well as a manual to lead a discussion afterwards. This toolkit is developed by SI and the Swedish organisation The Order of the Teaspoon (now dismatled). This activity will take approximately a few hours so we suggest you do it on a weekend afternoon or similar.

If you want to borrow another film, follow the same steps in the Step by Step guide. Here is a list of other films in the Swedish Film Box. We still suggest you open up for a discussion on a relevant topic after the film screening, to give your event more depth.

Instructions and manuals

Step by step manual (further down on this page)

Application form

Regulations (important to know!)

Post Event Reporting Instructions 

Building blocks

Workshop manual

Short video clip about what happened after the film was shooted

Step by step manual

  1. Reach out to the embassy in your country and ask for the person
    responsible for the Sweden film box. Every embassy has one
    appointed person for the Swedish films. If you do not know anyone at
    the embassy where you live, email SI at to get this
    person’s name and email address. Ask this person if you can borrow
    the film Nice People, referring to the Alumni Network Toolkit, saying
    that you have received a grant from SI for the screening.
  2. Make sure you read, understand and comply to our regulations that
    come with the license for the film. They are to be found in the toolkit above.
  3. Find a suitable venue with all necessary equipment such as
    projector/screen and a player that is compatible for Blue Ray (we
    suggest you try the player in advance, the Blue Ray CDs look like
    normal DVDs but they are completely different and don’t work with
    normal DVD players).
  4. Set a date and time, be sure you can send in the application for funding at least five weeks before the event takes place.
  5. Create a page for your event so that people can register. We suggest you use or a similar service but it can be a facebook event or google forms or any other service that you find suitable.
  6. Post your event in the Sweden Alumni Activity Calendar.
  7. Send invitations to your members. If you need help with reaching out to new members, get in touch with SI who can help sending an email to their contacts.
  8. Read the workshop manual and plan for the workshop. You can shape
    the workshop as you want, pick pieces of it or follow it in detail.
    Decide if one of the organisers will be holding the workshop or if you
    would like to hire someone externally. You can also ask the embassy
    if they can help out with moderating the workshop.
  9. Borrow the film from the embassy. The embassy staff is completely
    responsible for the films, so you need to report back certain things
    such as number of participants. Ask the embassy how they would like
    you to do that.
  10. Have your event!
  11. Send in the report to SI, not more than two weeks after the event.

How to apply

Submit an application form to apply for this event.

How to report

Here you find the reporting instructions.


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