Everyone who lived in Sweden knows our most famous pastry – the Cinnamon Bun. What people might not know that it is so loved by the Swedes that it actually has its own day. On 4 October, Kanelbullens Dag, the bun is celebrated and baked all over the country.


This toolkit is offering a way for you to organise a Kanelbulle Bake Day with your network. It’s of course great if you do this event on 4 October, but it can be done anytime during the year. It is an easy way to promote your network by gathering old and new alumni in your region to socialise and re-experience a typical Swedish fika. It’s a teambuilding activity and we suggest that you take the opportunity to get to know each other and discuss upcoming plans for your network while you bake.

Below you find all material you need including a step by step manual on how to pull this event together. This event can be shaped in different formats – maybe only a small meet up with a few alumni who bake and have a fika together or it can be bigger, maybe in cooperation with a local charity that you donate the buns or the money from sold buns to.

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Instructions and manuals

Step by step manual (further down on this page)

Application Form 

Post Event Reporting Instructions 

Building blocks

Recipe and facts

Posters (send us the text and we will edit it for you)

Pictures to be used for marketing of your event (imagebank.sweden.se)

Step by step manual

  1. Find a suitable venue. It should preferably be a venue with a big kitchen so that everyone can help with the baking.
  2. Reach out to the Swedish embassy and let them know about your event. Maybe they can assist you with tools, tips, ingredients or a speaker.
  3. Find a speaker that is suitable for your event or another component that makes the event relate to one of the sustainable development goals. You can for example have a little workshop or lecture while the buns are fermenting or are in the oven.
  4. Set a date and time, be sure you can send in the application for funding at least five weeks before the event takes place.
  5. Create a page for your event so that people can register. We suggest you use
    confetti.events or a similar service but it can be a facebook event or google forms or any other service that you find suitable.
  6. Post your event in the Sweden Alumni Activity Calendar.
  7. Send invitations to your members. If you need help with reaching out to new members, get in touch with SI who can help sending an email to their contacts.
  8. Find somewhere to donate the leftover buns (if you find this suitable). Some networks have for example donated buns to a local orphanage or residential home.
  9. Have your event!
  10. Send in the report to SI, not more than two weeks after the event.

How to apply

Submit an application form to apply for this event.

How to report

Here you find the reporting instructions.


For more information, contact alumni@si.se.