7 Day challenge – quarantine edition

With almost 30% of the world’s population locked up in their homes, social media becomes a very important tool for reaching out and social contact.

In order to mobilise your followers and create meaningful activities during the time in quarantine we have created three social media campaigns based on the original 7 Day challenge themes – Eat, move and live – but this time we focus more on fun and creativity than on sustainability.

Building blocks


Posts Eat
Posts Live
Posts Move

Image headers for social media

These images can be used as headers for your social media accounts during the campaign process.

Facebook banner Eat
Instagram banner Eat

Facebook banner Live
Instagram banner Live

Facebook banner Move
Instagram banner Move


All three campaigns consist of 9 posts – 1 introduction, 7 challenges and 1 end post. Each post consists of a challenge description and a suggestion for inspirational link or image to accompany the text, but you are free to use other content if you wish.

You may choose to do more than one campaign, but we advise that you do not post everything at the same time.

You are free to translate the campaigns into local language and if needed, you can apply for financial support from SI for translation costs.

We encourage you to post the challenges in your local language but please use the English #.

Make sure you like and encourage the posts submitted to the challenge to keep the motivation and conversation going!

Target groups

The three campaigns have different target groups so choose the ones most relevant to your networks:

Eat – adults with or without family (individual challenges)

Live – adults with or without family (individual challenges)

Move – families with children living at home (group challenges)

Aims and objectives

The goal of 7 Day Challenge Quarantine Edition is to encourage your network to make the most of their time in quarantine. The campaign is an easy way to stay relevant and active in your social media channels and to create a big database of inspiring things to do while at home by using the same # all over the world.

Financial support

Swedish embassies and consulates may apply for financial support of maximum 15,000 SEK to carry out the challenge.

How to apply

To apply, please fill out the application form.

Individuals or organisations who would like to participate or carry out a 7 Day Challenge should contact the Swedish embassy or consulate in your area.

How to report

After completed event, fill out the project report for toolkits.

Contact at the Swedish Institute

For more information, please contact Karin Kärr.