Digital Lucia celebration

The Swedish Institute offer material for a digital worldwide Lucia celebration. We are adding new material to the already existing – kindly see under “New content 2020” below. We will update this page with more material continuously and on December 7 at latest.

Building blocks

New content 2020

Our Lucia choir – the Adolf Fredrik’s music school in Farsta at the Eric Ericson Hall in Stockholm
(approx. 15 minutes, 16:9 format, coming on December 7)

Lucia – lighting up Swedish winters – version with English text (coming soon)

Lucia – lighting up Swedish winters – in 1:1 format without text 

Lucia – lighting up Swedish winters – in 16:9 format without text

Scipt in English for Lucia – lighting up Swedish winters, slide by slide

Above film files Lucia – lighting up Swedish winters without text as well as the Script for film without text able Swedish embassies and consulates to add local language with the help of local graphic designers if needed. Kindly note that the Swedish Institute does not have the capacity to help out with adding text in local language.

Cover image for IGTV 

Quiz questions for social media (coming soon)

Content for social media

Recipe for glögg 
Lucia for dummies

Images and stock video
A selection of Lucia photos
Stock video to create your own Lucia film

Web article

Contact at the Swedish Institute

For more information, please contact Cecilia Sundstrand or Michael Skoglund.