Higher education pre-departure events

Pre-departure events held by foreign missions are intended to help international students already accepted to degree programmes at Swedish universities prepare themselves for living and studying in Sweden. This is also a great way to help make students more enthusiastic about Sweden and increases the chances they will accept their offer of admission. Foreign Missions can also apply for funding from the Swedish Institute (SI).

The interest to study at Swedish universities is high, as shown by the high number of international students – and of the even higher application rate. Less than 50 per cent of the admitted students actually end up enrolling. Many students receive offers of admission from universities in a number of countries and it’s important to keep marketing Sweden until the final decision is made.

Building blocks

The goal is to increase the percentage of accepted students who end up paying their tuition fee and coming to Sweden. The materials below will help you plan your event.

Printed material

For printed material to use at your event, please refer to our collected material on Swedish higher education.


We have prepared two powerpoint presentations for pre-departure events. They include a presentation about Sweden and a separate presentation with details on how students apply for a residence permit.

Study in Sweden pre-departure presentation – This presentation is an inspiring presentation about life in Sweden to help prepare and inform newly accepted students about Sweden. This presentation includes a large number of slides so we encourage you to remove slides as necessary.

Applying for a residence permit – This presentation includes details on how students can apply for a residence permit. This presentation should be held a staff member responsible for the residence permit applications. Insert the presentation into a template from your Foreign Mission.


Pre-departure events should be arranged in April or early May as they have greatest impact before students pay their tuition fee in June. It is also important to include alumni in the programme. Besides time to mingle, any pre-departure event should include information about living and studying in Sweden; how to apply for a residence permit; and a Q&A session. The following document contains an overview with inspiration and instructions for a successful event, including sample programmes, practices and tips.

Instructions for arranging pre-departure events

Instructions for arranging a virtual pre-departure event

Financial support

Foreign missions may be able to receive funding from SI to arrange pre-departure events. You find more information on how to apply for funding here. 

Contact at the Swedish Institute

For more information, contact Douglas Washburn.