Parenting – an equal opportunity

Sweden was the first country in the world to introduce parental leave for both mothers and fathers in 1974, and today parents are offered 480 days of parental leave. The Swedish Institute wants to highlight the effects that Sweden’s parental policy has on gender equality.

Parental leave means that women in Sweden don’t have to choose between a career and a family. For fathers, it means an opportunity to experience a closer bond with their children through shared responsibilities. Progress, certainly, but fathers still only use 30 per cent of all parental leave days, so there’s more work to do.

This toolkit, Parenting – an equal opportunity, comprises a photo exhibition, including a video, and social media materials.

For this exhibition, documentary photographer Elin Berge has portrayed and interviewed parents in Sweden who strive to live equal lives. Berge’s 23 photos offer an insight into the endeavour of these parents to move beyond deeply rooted conceptions of gender roles and expectations towards a more equal partnership.

Building blocks

Exhibition material

Exhibition overview – both for wall-mounted and in exhibition modules (English, pdf)
Exhibition texts for translation: introduction and captions (English, pdf and Word, MediaFlow)
Exhibition video for loop on screen – not for social media (22 min 17 sec)
To obtain high resolution print files and exhibition video – email the Swedish Institute contatct person Ulrika Rosvall.

Communication material

Social media video (Vimeo, mp4, English and clean version, SRF-files for local translations)
Social media images (English and no text, jpg)

Invitation card template (English, pptx)
Poster for marketing the exhibition (English, pptx)
Postcard – giveaway, including QR code for video (English, low-resolution pdf)
Press release – suggested texts (COMING SOON, English, Word)
Download from MediaFlow

Press images (as part of the toolkit exhibition only)

To obtain high resolution print files for press images and templates for postcards – email the Swedish Institute contatct person Ulrika Rosvall.

Inspirational stories

Get inspired by the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok and their use of the material. The exhibition was inaugurated by the ambassador at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre in June 2022 launching a Paterinty Leave Pledge project with partner organisations of the embassy.

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Contact at the Swedish Institute

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