Re-dress clothes swap

Revitalise your closet in a climate-friendly way. Re-dress clothes swapping day is a fun and social activity that provides tangible environmental benefits. The garments that you are tired of or that no longer fit are new and fun for someone else. The life of the clothes will be extended and we contribute to a better environment.

Many people shop for clothes despite overflowing closets. The purpose of Re-dress is to encourage people to shop less and throw out fewer clothes, to educate about the manufacturing process and raw materials, to exchange information about sustainable fashion, and to help position Sweden as sustainable country. The basic setup is for people to bring in clothes they no longer want to keep, and leave with clothes that are new and exciting to them. This toolkit in based on a concept developed by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen).

Building blocks

The following material can be used for marketing and hosting the event. Each material below is available as high-resolution PDF files in English and as word template files for translation. Once you have the texts in your local language, please contact the Swedish Institute for help creating PDF files. If you decide to send them out for print at a local print office, the Swedish Institute is also happy to help deliver all necessary files.


Marketing poster English PDF
Poster text in Word for translation


Folder in English PDF
Folder text in Word for translation

Ticket badges

Ticket badges English PDF
Ticket badges text in Word for translation

Signs for drop-off and pick-up stations

Signs for drop-off and pick-up English PDF (text-based)
Signs for drop-off and pick-up English PDF (image-based)
Signs text in Word for translation

Inspirational stories

Swedish Swap and Sustainable Fashion Day in Voronezh, Russia, November 2019:


Each person brings in a number of clothes (you may want to set a maximum, and exclude intimate items) that they exchange for a ticket. Each ticket can then be used to trade in for a new item of clothing. Cost or type of clothing does not matter. The event should be completely free for all participants.

Complete instructions for hosting a Re-dress event.

How to apply

To apply, please fill out this form.

How to report

After completed event, please fill out the project report for toolkits.

Contact at the Swedish Institute

For more information, please contact Kajsa Guterstam.