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In October 2021, the Swedish Government organised the Malmö International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism – Remember ReAct, at which 60 delegations made pledges. One of Sweden’s pledges in Malmö was to hold the Presidency of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) between 1 March of 2022 and 28 February of 2023. The main activities are the two plenary sessions, in Stockholm (June) and Gothenburg (November).

The IHRA emerged from an initiative taken by then Prime Minister Göran Persson in 1998 and was established at the first international forum on the Holocaust in Stockholm (2000), where the alliance’s founding document, the Stockholm Declaration, was adopted. IHRA currently has 35 member countries, a number of observer countries and permanent international partners, such as UN, OSCE, Council of Europe and UNESCO.

The purpose of the Forum and the continued work for IHRA is to make forward-looking commitments to ensure that memory of the Holocaust is not lost and to combat antisemitism in a society in which racism is on the rise and in which many people suffer hate, threats and abuse on a daily basis.

The Swedish Institute is highlighting these efforts and in the same spirit has produced its own Remember ReAct toolkit, comprising an exhibition and social media materials.This toolkit has now been updated with information about the Swedish IHRA Presidency and can be showed during the Presidency. The toolkit material can be provided locally for further reflection this year.

The exhibition is a collaboration with the Living History Forum in Stockholm, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry  of Education and Research.


More information about the forum:–react/

Together for Impact – the Swedish Presidency of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance –

Sweden’s commitments in connection with the Malmö Forum: Malmöforumet: Sveriges åtaganden för hågkomst av Förintelsen och bekämpande av antisemitism, antiziganism och andra former av rasism – (in Swedish)


Exihibition overview (English, PDF)

Link to other related toolkits: 

Building blocks

The exhibition presents both Swedish and international efforts for Holocaust remembrance and the fight against antisemitism, antigypsyism and racism since the first Forum was held in Stockholm in 2000 and on to the present day.

Visitors to the exhibition will learn how in 1998, it was found that out of 8,000 Swedish students, a third were not certain whether the Holocaust had actually happened, prompting the Government to publish the book Tell Ye Your Children… (Om detta må ni berätta…), which was widely distributed to families with school-age children. The wide range of material in the exhibition also includes the founding of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and the initiative to commemorate the Holocaust with an annual Day of Remembrance from 27 January 2005 onwards.

Another part of the exhibition considers antisemitism in Sweden and Europe today – how does it spread? Where is it found? What form does it take? What consequences does it have for Jewish people and what action is being taken?


The exhibition (English, low resolution pdf, apply and contact us for high resolution print files)
Exihibition overview (English, PDF)

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One version of the exhibition produced by the SI for the forum in Malmö.

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