Sweden screen & QRious about Sweden

Sweden screen and QR code poster
The Sweden screen material offers a looping PowerPoint presentation with video and a poster with QR codes to the video content of the presentation. 

The presentation can be used in many different ways – in a lobby, at a fair or in connection with an event or celebration, for example.

The poster can be placed near the screen where the presentation is displayed – visitors can then scan the QR codes and take the videos home with them on their phones.

Kindly follow the instructions available if you need to make any changes to the Sweden screen presentation or the QR code poster.

QRious about Sweden posters
You will also find additional posters in English, Arabic and Russian with QR codes offering direct access to some of Sweden’s official digital channels. This poster can be used in whatever context you see fit. It can be printed in colour on normal paper or printed on a foamboard or similar.

Building blocks

Sweden screen, QR code for the videos and QRious about Sweden posters
(English, ppt and pdf, download from MediaFlow)


Instruction for the toolkit material (English, pdf, download from MediaFlow)

Contact at the Swedish Institute

For more information, contact Michael Skoglund.