Three cheers for Alfie Atkins!

Now it’s time to celebrate 50 years with Alfie Atkins! Alfie’s one of Sweden’s most beloved children’s book characters, attracting millions of readers all over the world.

Gunilla Bergström’s books about Alfie’s everyday life and adventure are as popular now as when they were first released decades ago. Many who grew up reading Alfie Atkins books have gotten to experience the stories anew by sharing them with their children and even grandchildren. Alfie is not a superhero or a fairy tale figure – he is ordinary kid, just like his readers. And perhaps that’s why he has become such a cherished part of our childhoods.

The toolkit contains an exhibition, seminar topics, workshops, a play and reading environment, instructions to throw an Alfie party and to build a helicopter and much more!

The collaboration between the Swedish Institute, Bok-Makaren AB and the publishing house Rabén Sjögren will allow you to celebrate Alfie with children locally. For children up to 8-9 years and their grown ups.


Manual for the toolkit (English, pdf)

Copyright information (English, pdf)

Building blocks

Exhibition material

Exhibition for modules (English, pdf)
Exhibition overview (English, pdf)
Exhibition texts for local translation (English, word)

“Invitation poster” – to have alongside the exhibition (English, pdf)

Video: Molly and Viggo – to loop on screen at the exhibition (mp4)
Sign with QR-code to the exhibition video (English, pdf)

Video: Interview with author Gunilla Bergström including sign for exhibition (English, mp4)

View and download all above material from MediaFlow.
To obtain high resolution print files email the Swedish Institute contatct person Sylvia Augustinsson.

Kindly note that you need to apply separately for financial support to produce the SI exhibition modules.


The film Good Night Alfie Atkins – contact Sylvia Augustinsson to obtain the film.

View and download introduction and presentations signs about the film from MediaFlow.

The film is based on the book with the same name. The book has been translated into many languages. Maybe it is available in the language in your country. You will have this book in English sent to you  in the box from SI. One idea may be to translate the book into the local language, but the book may then only be read within the framework of this film screening.

Create a playful Alfie space

Standee – including manual (English, pdf)
Cut-out figures – including manual (English, pdf)

Posters (English, pdf)

Inspiration for creating Alfies scenes and settings (English, PDF)
Technical drawing for the helicopter (English, pdf)

Have a look at the material list and contact Sylvia Augustinsson to order a shipment.

View and download all above material from MediaFlow.

Spotify list with Alfie Atkins music: Alfie Atikins soundtrack

For children to write, draw and colorize

Get to know Alfie Atkins – for children to fill in and colorize (English, pdf)

Quiz material – for a “quiz walk” (English, pdf)

View and download all above material from MediaFlow.

Event suggestions

Manual for how to throw your own Alfie Atkins Party (English, pdf)

Ideas for different types of workshops for children. Collage workshop, helicopter workshop, knot-tying workshop and/or ghost workshop. (English, pdf)

Group discussions about Alfie Atkins books – on suggested topics. Topics: Education, emotions, friendship and fatherhood. (English, pdf)

Download from MediaFlow.

Communication material

Social media posts – images and suggested text (English, Media Flow)

Download from MediaFlow.

Material for translations

Download word files for translations of exhibition, signs, posters, quiz and Get to know Alfie Atkins (children’s material).

Download from MediaFlow.

Financial support

Swedish embassies and consulates may apply for financial support of maximum SEK 40,000 for production of the printed material, language translation and travel costs and remuneration for Swedish guest speaker(s). Part of the sum applied for should be used for inviting Swedish guest speaker(s).

For projects aiming to strengthen cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region the level of financial support is limited to a maximum of SEK 100,000. Up to 30 per cent of the granted sum may be used for external project management.

How to apply

To apply, please fill out the application form.

By filling out the application form you agree to respect the copyright agreement for the images.

How to report

After completed event, fill out the project report for toolkits.

Contact at the Swedish Institute

For more information please contact Sylvia Augustinsson.