Visit Sweden – tourism and nature

Swedish nature and lifestyle are important parts of the image of Sweden as a travel destination. In order to assist foreign missions in promoting Sweden as a travel destination, Visit Sweden together with SI have developed promotion material that can be used for a marketing event or a tourism fair.

The toolkit consist of:

  • A Power Point presentation on tourism in Sweden with speaker notes
  • Three VR films
  • Nature films for screens that can be used as backdrops (with or without sound)

Instructions and manuals

The three VR-films can be displayed using Google Cardboard or other VR glasses.

The easiest way to use the technology is to let the visitors use their own smartphones together with the Sweden branded Google Cardboard along with printed instructions for their use.

Building Blocks

Power point presentation

Tourism in Sweden

VR-films of Sweden

Please contact Visit Sweden to get the files if you wish to use them in offline mode.

Nature films

In English:

In German:

In French (or with French subtitles):

Contact person

For more information, contact Elin Green Ohlander at Visit Sweden.