Amaze the world with wood

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Amaze the world with wood

Did you know building in wood reduces carbon footprint by 50%? Would you believe that an average-sized tree has enough raw material to make 200 pairs of trousers? Designers, architects and fashion designers: let’s turn this renewable, energy efficient and transformative material into everything from wind turbines to organs. We have the technology.

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Audio Description:
Slideshow with examples of innovative Swedish design using wood. The theme is ”Amaze the world with wood”, and the video shows wooden building Sara Kulturhus, a dress and flowers made of paper and a stool made from waste material in a wooden furniture factory. The film ends with a waving flag with the text Swedish Design Movement. Then the Swedish flag and Sweden Sverige in letters. Photo credits: White Arkitekter, Bea Szenfeld/Emil Larsson, Stolab. Producer: Futurniture. Copyright: Swedish Institute, 2021.

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Photo: White Arkitekter, Bea Szenfeld/Emil Larsson, Stolab
Producer: Futurniture
Copyright: Swedish Institute, 2020