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Sweden – a country less ordinary

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Sweden – a country less ordinary

Sweden – a country less ordinary offers an overview of Sweden. It paints a picture of a nation that’s driven by innovation and leads the way in equality and sustainability.

This image-rich, 100-page book highlights some of the facts, stories and milestones that make Sweden what it is today, with chapters covering society, sustainability, government, equality, culture, history, the Sami, geography, sports, traditions, food, the Swedish language and a timeline of Swedish innovation. Infographics help tell the story and storytelling elements lead the reader on.

Rooted in an agricultural past and propelled into the future through innovation, Sweden is multifaceted and perhaps contradictory. Sweden – a country less ordinary looks at booming businesses, tax-funded welfare, smart cities, cool culture, revolutionising innovations and much much more.

This publication is available as pdf in English, Swedish, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, and French.

Translations other than the ones mentioned above will have to be organised by the local foreign mission, including print – please contact order@si.se for guidance.

If you have any questions, please contact sharingsweden@si.se

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