Pioneer the possible

Pioneer the possible is a communication concept developed to promote Sweden from a business perspective to target groups interested in doing business, investing or working in and with Sweden.

This communication concept is designed for you in your job of promoting Swedish exports or attracting inward investment and talent. It’s there to help you use Brand Sweden to strengthen your offer and make it more credible, so you can make more of a difference and be heard above the buzz.

This toolkit consists of ready-made social media campaigns and a manual for setting up events.

Pioneer the Possible is produced by the Swedish Institute in collaboration with organisations such as Business Sweden, Vinnova (Sweden’s innovation agency), Tillväxtverket (The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth), Svenskt Näringsliv (the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise), the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Swedish regions and many more.

Building Blocks

The Pioneer’s Handbook

This brand manual is a hands-on guide for anyone creating events and/or communication based on the Pioneer the Possible concept. This must be read before any activity planning starts.

The Pioneer’s Handbook

Powerpoint presentation

This powerpoint presentation including a speakers script can be used when opening an event or when speaking at a summit or meeting about Sweden as a business nation in broader terms.

Powerpoint presentation

Cases that are relevant to specific target groups and/or local contexts can be added using material in our case bank (see link below)

Social media posts

Overview of social media posts

Theme #1: Texts for social media posts (Making it happen)

Images for Theme 1:

Theme #2: Texts for social media posts (celebrating co–creation)

Theme #3: Texts for social media posts (Highlighting the pioneers)

Images for Theme #3:

Swedish innovation quiz

The Swedish innovation quiz. By highlighting interesting new discoveries, inventions, and creative partnerships born in Sweden, this quiz strives to spark interest in Sweden as an innovative, co-creative and environmentally conscious trade partner.

Pioneer the possible Brand film

Film on Sweden’s way to become the first fossil free OECD country 2045.

Film on Sweden as a talent destination

The Journey to a Fossil Free Sweden

This 10 minute lecture by Svante Axelsson of Fossil Free Sweden explains Sweden’s journey  to becoming the world’s  first fossile free OECD country.

Key visuals – material for digital events

These video loops can be used for presentations or as background for digital events.

Pioneer the possible northern lights Photo: Rikard Lagerberg/Imagebank Sweden

Pioneer the possible Swedish flag logo

Pioneer the possible multiple flags


This exhibition on Sweden’s climate strategy with examples of innovative companies driving the change has been developed in cooperation with Fossil Free Sweden, Environmental Protection Agency and Business Sweden and is based on the exhibition modules.

Exhibition overview.

Exhibition texts for translation coming soon.

Case bank

Stories and links to Swedish business cases that can be used to create additional content adjusted to local conditions and/or highlighted in events.

Case bank (Excel sheet)


Manual for planning events

Social media plan for launch 21 September

Financial support

Swedish embassies and consulates may apply for financial support of maximum SEK 40,000 for promotion of social media campaigns, language translation and travel costs and remuneration for Swedish guest speaker(s). Part of the sum applied for should be used for inviting Swedish guest speaker(s).

Swedish embassies and consulates may apply for financial support of maximum 40,000 SEK for translation of the film(s) and inviting Swedish guest speakers (travel costs and remuneration).

For projects aiming to strengthen cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region the level of financial support is limited to a maximum of SEK 100,000. Up to 30 per cent of the granted sum may be used for external project management.

How to apply

To apply, please fill out the application form.

If you wish to use the Pioneer the Possible concept for larger events in 2022 (events in the size of COP26, Expo2020 or if Sweden is an honorary nation at a large fair), please specify that in your application for further discussions.

By filling out the application form you agree to respect the copyright agreement for the images and films.

The application must be sent in at least two months before the event. Resources are limited and financial support may not be available at the end of the year. Limits may apply.

How to report

After a completed event, fill out the project report for toolkits.

Contact at the Swedish Institute

For more information, contact Kajsa Guterstam or Agnes Lidbeck.