Swedish film selection 2023

The Swedish Institute (SI) is pleased to offer a selection of Swedish films – feature length, documentary and short – for non-profit cultural screenings. For Swedish embassies and consulates, we have together with the Swedish Film Institute (SFI) compiled complete sets of DCPs for screenings at cinemas and public auditoriums. DCPs can be downloaded directly to the place for the screenings or sent as hard drives. Building blocks This year’s collection is highlighting contemporary Swedish feature films that have attracted attention both in Sweden and at some major international film festivals. The film portal Presentations of all titles in the Swedish Film Selection The film portal contains press photos, film trailers, posters and press material in digital format. Here you can also preview and select your films. Furthermore, to the latest edition you can also order titles from earlier selections. Instructions The Swedish representations are encouraged to initiate specific, tailor-made film events in their region. SI support the representations and is open to discussing ideas, possibilities and requirements. For a successful film event, please carefully read and follow these instructions: How to create film events Technical information Questions and answers (English) Subtitling The films are all subtitled in 4-10 languages; For 2023 SI offers subtitles English (UK), French, Spanish (las), German for all titles. For earlier editions there are subtitles in 8-10 languages. Embassies that need subtitles in additional languages and wish to hire local translators can apply for financial support. Find application form below. Include costs for translation to local language in the toolkit application. Contact films(@)si.se for more information about the full procedure. Information for other organisations The film packages are made available for Swedish embassies and consulates only. Anyone can access information about them, but to order or view the films you will need a password. If you are not a foreign mission and wish to show a Swedish film outside of Sweden, please contact your local Swedish foreign mission. If you represent a Swedish foreign mission but do not have a current password, please contact films(a)si.se. All inquiries from established international film festivals regarding movies other than the ones offered by the Swedish Institute should be referred to the international department of the Swedish Film Institute. Financial support Applications for projects in April to December 2023 Due to the extraordinarily high number of toolkit applications, and a limited budget, we are unable to grant any further financial support for toolkits in 2023 with the exception of toolkit applications with following purposes: – Higher education promotion – Sweden alumni relations – Sweden 500 celebrations (maximum of 5 000 SEK) – The Nobel Prize (a limited numer of applications) You can of course also use all material on sharingsweden.se but without funding from us. Swedish embassies and consulates may apply for financial support of maximum SEK 40,000 for production of the printed material, language translation and travel costs and remuneration for Swedish guest speaker(s). Part of the sum applied for should be used for inviting Swedish guest speaker(s). For projects aiming to strengthen cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region the level of financial support is limited to a maximum of SEK 100,000. Up to 30 per cent of the granted sum may be used for external project management. How to apply Kindly note that you need to apply separately at the Film Portal to retrieve the requested films. Below application form does not give you access to the films. This application concerns financial support for film events surrounding the screening.  To apply for financial support for events surrounding the screening, please fill out the application form. The application must be sent in at least two months before the event. Resources are limited, and financial support may not be available at the end of the year. Limits may apply. By filling out the application form you agree to respect the copyright agreement for the material. How to report After completed event, fill out the project report for toolkits. Repayments If more than 10 per cent of the total grant has not been used, then the full amount of unused funds must be repaid to SI. Repayment shall be via UD EKO. When repaying, enter the project’s registration number (available in the agreement) and the name of your organisation in the notification field and notify the project manager in question. Contact person at the Swedish Institute For more information, please send an email to Emma Kalmevall and Agnes Lidbeck: films(a)si.se.