Promoting Study in Sweden

With a higher education system ranked second in the world, Sweden is an attractive study destination for students worldwide seeking to complete their bachelor’s or master’s degree abroad. Swedish academics emphasise critical and creative thinking, skills that are highly valued in today’s global labour market. Help spread the word about the nearly 1,000 international degree programmes offered at Swedish universities.  

This toolkit includes guidance for Swedish Foreign Missions on how to work with higher education promotion and the brand Study in Sweden. It also includes templates and ready-made material for your events, PowerPoints and videos for your presentations, as well as an overview of how the Study in Sweden team can support you.  Navigate this toolkit by exploring our video, accessing our inspirational handbook, templates and materials.  

Working with the Study in Sweden brand

We work to increase Sweden’s attractiveness as a nation of knowledge through the student platform and activities at embassies, fairs and universities around the world. As an international study brand we have a job to do: to represent the Swedish study experience to the world. To persuade talented and socially, globally conscious students everywhere, that living and learning  The Swedish Way  might be the way for them.

If you are interested in working with the Study in Sweden brand, you have to take the introduction training for Foreign Missions, it’s a 20 minute video to explain the ins and out of working with Study in Sweden.  


Now that you’ve taken the training, learn more about the Study in Sweden brand, how to work with it, how to embody it and how to promote it. Here you can find our brand guide to get you started. The brand guide is password protected, the password is shared in the introduction training for foreign missions. Make sure to listen through the whole training before accessing the guide. 

Study in Sweden Handbook

An important aspect of our promotion work is centred around collecting leads – people who have shown interest in studying in Sweden and would like to learn more. Our leads have often learned about the Study in Sweden brand through the promotion of Foreign Missions. You are our extended arm and ambassadors in your country. Therefore, we want to make sure to support you in your promotion work and through your various activities and events. We cover: 

  • Advice on how to approach student marketing 
  • Useful advice in preparation of student fairs 
  • How to organise pre-departure and send-off events 
  • Useful resources (print material, templates, booth material)

Access the Study in Sweden Handbook here



An important part of promoting international student mobility is providing information about scholarships. We have two structures you can refer to:

Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals
The SI Scholarship for Global Professionals awards scholarships for full-time, one-year or two-year masters studies in Sweden. It aims to develop future global leaders that will contribute to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to sustainable development. We have prepared the following material for you to inform students about this scholarships:

Study in Sweden scholarship database

On Study in Sweden’s website you can find the scholarship database that collects scholarships from Swedish universities and institutions aimed at international students. If you have any suggestions of scholarships to add, don’t hesitate to let us know. Find the database here:

Material catalogue

Here you can find all of the material we provide. If anything is missing, don’t hesitate to contact the Study in Sweden team for suggestions.

Event registration and financial support

The Swedish Institute offers financial support to embassies and consulates organising Study in Sweden activities and events. Taking part in student recruitment fairs or arranging other events such as pre-departure events for students.

The Study in Sweden team would love to know whenever you organise or attend an event to keep track of the brand exposure.  Find out how to apply for financial support and register your event here. 

Contact us

The Study in Sweden Team
Collaborating with Foreign Missions is really important for us and we value all the time spent in marketing Study in Sweden in your countries. If you have any questions you can reach us by contacting Hannah Maxwell.

Other teams that link to our work
If you are interested in other programmes of the Swedish Institute, like collaborating with Alumni around the world or communicating the SI Scholarship for Global Professionals, don’t hesitate to reach out to our colleagues at the respective departments:

SI Alumni team: and have a look at their Alumni toolkit
SI Scholarship team: Seble Abera, team coordinator: Seble Abera